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Tools are costly and take up space. Tool libraries are popping up so people can share.

Washington Post: “Tools are expensive, and most of them spend way more time collecting dust in our basements than in use. Enter the tool library, a lending hub that allows people to take home tools and appliances, usually for a week, then return them. Some tool libraries across the country are free, and some charge a nominal annual fee, but all of them cut down on waste and overbuying while helping out neighbors. They’re similar to book libraries, but the items are often donated, and rather than novels, they’re stocked with power tools, saws and ice cream makers. “I can’t even begin to calculate how much I’ve saved since joining,” said René Nuñez, who became a member of the Chicago Tool Library last year for $20. Like many Americans who have tackled gardening and home improvement projects during the pandemic, Nuñez decided it didn’t make sense to buy another tool that he’d use maybe once or twice a year at his Chicago home…”

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