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This website lets you look for patterns in COVID-19 data

Fast Company – “Ask a question about the disease—how many patients in the ICU were put on a ventilator?—and it will look through 12 hospital systems’ records and find an answer. Months into the pandemic, there are still so many unknowns about COVID-19. Does age or ethnicity affect how likely a COVID patient is to be admitted to the ICU? Are patients who don’t enter the ICU more likely to end up back in the hospital later? And do comorbidities—other health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, that may worsen someone’s COVID-19 case—have any affect on how long a coronavirus patient is hospitalized for? A new website called hopes to answer these questions, and more, based on real patient medical record data from more than 200 hospitals. The site was created by a research consortium of 12 hospital systems, including UC San Diego Health and Cedars Sinai Medical Center, called Reliable Response Data Discovery, and funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation…”

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