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The right way to clean and disinfect household surfaces

Washington Post – “…To begin, we need to understand that most of us will not contract covid-19 by staying at home. Joseph Vinetz, a Yale Medicine infectious disease specialist, says: “We have no evidence whatsoever that people can get this virus at home. Period.” Unless, of course, somebody who has been exposed enters your house and coughs, sneezes or is in close proximity to you for more than 15 minutes. The real risk of contracting the disease is going out in public. Vinetz says that people need to think logically; if you are quarantined at home and no one in your house is infected or showing symptoms, then regular good household hygiene should be sufficient… [The Washington Post is providing this story for free so that all readers have access to this important information about the coronavirus. For more free stories, sign up for the daily Coronavirus Updates newsletter.]

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