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The pandemic’s impact on email: Increased volume, adjusted strategy

Tech Republic: “Whether because of the boost the pandemic bestowed upon online shopping or simply more time in front of their laptops, senders had to change strategies regarding promotional emails and the way they are distributed, according to “How The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Emailing,” a new study from Pathwire. More than half, 55% of senders said they increased their email volume, and 49% email customers more frequently since the start of COVID-19. Brands adapted and the new strategies will affect email trends, not only in 2021 but also beyond, per the survey. Pathwire said that brands once reliant on their brick and mortar outlets were forced to tactically assess other ways of engaging customers who needed answers to the most practical questions; when lockdown was in full effect, email senders had to quickly adjust to shifting all promotion and sales online…”

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