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The New York Times Election Distractor

This distraction, brought to you (no paywall) by The New York Times, has visuals and audio focused on calming and interesting subject matter that has nothing to do with Election 2020. You may want to bookmark this one!

Via Lifehacker: “How to use the ‘Election Distractor’: It opens on close-up, alternating shots of white grapes and an avocado, spinning slowly beneath the names of the people involved with making this package/tool. It’s easy to just stay here, gazing at the fruit and listening to a song that sounds a bit like a lullaby, on repeat. From there, who knows where you’ll end up, because the offerings vary. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re seeing or what you’re supposed to do with it, look to the top left corner of your screen for a hint. After clicking through for a while, I encountered the following things:

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