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The email ‘hack’ that will change your relationship with your inbox

Fast Company: “I just reset my email. Took my unread count down to zero. Archived or deleted everything that was sitting in my inbox. And everything feels different now. More than any other possible binary the world presents us, I believe there are precisely two types of people in this world: those whose unread email count sits at or well above 1,000, and those who have their life somewhat in order. I remember when we all first started to get iPhones, and we all were kind of looking over each shoulders to see how different people arranged their apps, and consequently, their burgeoning digital lives. The only apps that were truly constant for everyone that I ever saw were Messages, their music player, and email. (By the way: Imagine being the type of person who moves their “Phone” app off of their home page? But hey, I saw them and they exist.) We all use email. And your approach to email says a lot about you…”

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