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The Domestic Extremist Next Door

The Domestic Extremist Next Door by Erin Dauphinais-Soos · How have digital media platforms contributed to anti-government rhetoric?  Digital Citizens Alliance and Coalition for a Safer Web teamed up to answer this question in their report, “The Domestic Extremist Next Door.” [56-page PDF] The report analyzes some of the most popular social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) and how domestic terrorists use them to promote disinformation and recruit members.  The extremist groups this report focuses on are QAnon, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, the Three Percenters, and the Oath Keepers, comparing their online activities to those of global terrorists such as ISIS.  The report concludes with suggestions of actions that digital media platforms can take to combat disinformation and confront terrorism, such as hiring more people to “do deep dives looking at just what is happening amongst militia groups,” initiating “industry-wide standards” and creating “a cross-platform, information-sharing initiative.”… [h/t Pete Weiss]

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