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The Book of Hope

Rockefeller Institute of Government – Nancy Zimpher: “Working together, good people are changing the world. In his new book Reclaiming the American Dream: Proven Solutions for Creating Economic Opportunity for All,[1] Ben Hecht spotlights efforts that are successfully addressing some of the country’s most pressing issues: meaningful employment, economic empowerment, impactful civic involvement, education that works.  But this book is so much more than a public policy study. It’s a recipe for hope. Organizations that come together, focus on a common agenda for social change, and use shared measurement-of-progress tools are achieving remarkable and sustained success. The power of collective impact is on display in each example in Hecht’s book, showcasing how dedication to the use of best practices and a strategy of continuous improvement is growing efforts that are making lives better. I like to believe that Hecht put the chapter on education reform — my passion — first because it is the most important. Creating good jobs that are available to more people, stimulating homeownership to increase wealth, making sure everyone has access to information, and opening pathways to greater civic participation of course are vitally important in today’s society. An excellent education, however, most certainly is key to all of that…”

Each of the education reform examples in Hecht’s book emphasizes how groups and organizations that typically work separately can better achieve the change they long for by tearing down their silos, joining their talents, and tackling challenges together.

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