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The 4 Ws to Ask When You Buy Your Next Mobile Device

American Bar Association: “It doesn’t take a professional research study—though they’re out there—to know how pervasive technology is in our daily lives. Another fundamental truth is that technology is never a one-time purchase. It wears out, gets lost, or becomes too antiquated for use, and time and again, it needs to be replaced. While marketing firms and manufacturers aim to convince you that technology should be replaced far sooner than is practical, we’re here to share our experience and offer guidance for your next mobile device purchase. To do so, we’ll borrow from journalism techniques to offer you the 4 Ws to consider when making technology purchases:

  • Why should I buy a smartphone?
  • When should I buy a smartphone?
  • What should I buy: new, used, refurbished, etc.?
  • Where should I buy my smartphone?…”

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