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Textio’s New Tool Will Take the Words Right Out of Your Mouth—and Maybe Improve Them

Fortune: “Words matter, and they often matter in different ways to different people. That’s why, for the past five years, text analytics startup Textio has studied—and helped to augment—the way companies in search of more diverse candidates communicate with prospective hires. Now, the company is launching a new product that takes that mission one step further…Think of Textio Flow as Google Smart Compose, only much more prolific and with an eye for culture change. Instead of suggesting a few words, the tool can write whole paragraphs for you. It does this by ingesting a company’s past writings—marketing material, historical job listings and the like—and incorporating Textio’s own large datasets. The latter helps customers learn from existing (and ever-changing) correlations between words and the varying responses they trigger in different demographics. That can mean two things for corporate customers: First, they can write job listings much faster, and second, they can theoretically attract even more people with each listing…”

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