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Texting do’s and don’t’s for 2023

Washington Post: “…Agreed-upon texting rules have imploded amid a global pandemic, social media apps and the breakdown of work-life boundaries. Search TikTok for “texting etiquette” and you’ll find contradictory advice — is it rude to let a text sit or rude to expect a response? Is the thumbs-up emoji passive-aggressive? Does an all-caps message demand an all-caps response? Generational differences make things even harder, as teens progress from literal to ironic emoji use while our aunts keep replying “OK.” Texting has become our default mode of communication, says Justin Santamaria, who led the development of Apple’s texting service iMessage back in the early 2010s. What may once have been a letter, voice mail, phone call or email now often arrives in a text — and that collapse of contexts makes it tough to know which rules to follow…”

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