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Survey of Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Law Practice

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on virtually all segments of the legal profession, prompting a unique opportunity for firms and organizations to reimagine the practice of law, according to a new survey released today by the American Bar Association. Findings from the national survey, “Practicing Law in the Pandemic and Moving Forward,” covers how the pandemic has affected lawyers and the future plans for law practice as the worldwide health crisis winds down. “The Coordinating Group on Practice Forward commissioned this survey to learn what lawyers need moving ahead and to understand the expectations for law practice as the pandemic dissipates,” said ABA President Patricia Lee Refo. “Periods of major disruption can offer tremendous opportunities for leaders to rethink paradigms and improve processes. This report sets out a range of practices for legal employers to consider the best path forward.” The survey of more than 4,200 ABA members, one of the largest ever by the association, was conducted in fall 2020. It reveals the current and future expectations of practicing lawyers as well as their concerns, needs and goals moving forward…”

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