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State Elections 2020

National Conference of State Legislatures – State Elections 2020 – “Voters in 44 states chose nearly 6,000 state legislators on Nov. 3, although votes are still being counted. Click on the partisan control, statewide ballot measures and election administration tabs below for postelection analysis Postelection Partisan Legislative Control  Map is being updated as results are confirmed. The 2020 votes are (mostly) tallied, and the topline is that not much changed in terms of control of legislatures or states. With 5,876 regularly scheduled legislative races in 44 states, the big surprise is that only two chambers—the New Hampshire House and Senate—changed hands. The GOP won both. New Hampshire is perhaps the nation’s swingiest state, with one or both chambers flipping in six of the last eight elections. On average, 12 chambers change party in each general election cycle. This time? It’s four—including 2019’s shift for the Virginia House and Senate (from R to D) and this year’s New Hampshire news. That means over the two-year cycle, the parties came to a draw.

  • A draft of our partisan composition table can be found here. Please note that this draft is based on preliminary results and is subject to change…”

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