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Smash texting scams: How to avoid smishing attacks

Mashable: “If you’ve recently received a bunch of suspicious texts from unknown numbers claiming to be USPS, your bank, or another major company asking you to resolve some sort of urgent issue, you’re not alone. Hopefully these bizarre missives tripped your shadiness alarms and you kept your link-clicking fingers at bay, because those texts aren’t legit. They’re a relatively novel iteration of the phishing scam, in which thieves hiding behind the opacity of a screen hope you’ll buy their business disguise enough to give them what they want. This text-centric update on the classic con goes by “smishing,” a portmanteau of “SMS” and “phishing.” Don’t feel too bad if you briefly regarded such texts as plausibly authentic, however. They’re cunningly crafted to take advantage of this unique moment in tech, a time when the dangers of an increasingly complicated and online economy have us returning to the relative simplicity of the dumbphone era in search of additional guardrails like using SMS for two-factor authentication or receiving text alerts when a package has been delivered. But since even the savviest among us have off days or unfocused moments when a smishing scam could slip by undetected, we’ve put together a primer on how to spot and avoid them…”

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