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Removal of Inspectors General: Rules, Practice, and Considerations for Congress

LC CRS Reports – Removal of Inspectors General: Rules, Practice, and Considerations for Congress, May 12, 2020: “Introduction: In 1978, Congress passed the Inspector General Act (IG Act;P.L. 95-452) with the intent to improve oversight within certain executive branch agencies.During the floor debate on the legislation, Senator Thomas Eagleton described independence as the “most important” characteristic of the inspectors general (Congressional Record, vol. 124, part 29,October 22, 1978, p. 30952). While this independence has been considered essential, itis also weighed against the fact that inspectors general are situated within the agencies and that their dual mission is to report to both their home agencies and Congress, which calls for consideration of the balance between independence from and general supervision by agencies. The removal procedures for inspectors general, which fall between removal without limitations and removal only for cause, have been considered an integral element of that independence since 1978. Nonetheless, there have been some instances in which Presidents have removed inspectors general, and those actions have raised concerns in Congress. In addition, Congress has considered and enacted additional removal requirements since 1978. This InFocus provides an overview of the current removal procedure for inspectors general, identifies some notable removals, and discusses potential issues for Congress…”

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