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Reading About Libraries and Librarians

Reading About Libraries and Librarians By Karin Wulf. “One of the constants in scholarly communication is the importance of understanding the full system of knowledge production. Whether you are a researcher, work in a library or in publishing, or in one of the myriad places deploying the myriad skills needed to create and share knowledge, it’s always helpful to spend time reflecting on how your own position and work relates to others. Another constant is that many of us are big readers. And if you really, really love reading, whatever your professional situation in this business, you might also really love reading about reading – and libraries. And librarians. I’ve been reading a lot about libraries for a long time, and more lately. But the category is huge, and it feels like a good time in a globally hard year to think about the pleasures of reading about something that is a near-universal good (excellent critiques of the form and practices of collecting and more notwithstanding). A warning that this post is a bit like those tweets that ask for references; help me crowdsource, with this global crowd of scholarly comms folks, a bigger list of great books about libraries and librarians.”

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