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Public-Interest Technology Resources

Public-Interest Technology Resources Maintained by Bruce Schneier. “As technology—especially computer, information, and Internet technology—permeates all aspects of our society, people who understand that technology need to be part of public-policy discussions. We need technologists who work in the public interest. We need public-interest technologists. Public-interest technologists are a diverse and interdisciplinary group of people. Their backgrounds are in technology, policy, or law. They work inside government, at non-governmental agencies, for independent research institutions, within for-profit corporations, and for the press. Some of them do this full time as a career. Others take short leaves of absence from their careers to pursue public-interest technology. Still others do this in their spare time, as an avocation.

Below are some relevant resources. These lists are not exhaustive, and I am not endorsing or recommending any particular program. This is simply an initial survey which I intend to further develop over time. Please email me with corrections, additions, and suggestions…”

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