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Project #keeplawopen 30-60-90

Via Dennis Kennedy – Project #keeplawopen 30-60-90 facilitated by #makelawbetter dot org

Overview – Project #keeplawopen 30-60-90 is a proposal to:

  1. Make courts, lawyers, and law schools aware that we are here, we are available, and we are capable of providing them with solutions;
  2. By designing tangible recommendations for each group to continue functioning as optimally as possible — possibly even thriving — during the disruption of COVID-19;
  3. Including recommendations that can be implemented now (the next 30 days) and over time (the next 60 days, and the next 90 days).

Right now, we seek:

  1. People to sign up according to which group (courts, lawyers, law schools) they would like to help;
  2. People interested in organizing these groups, coordinating their efforts, and ensuring the work gets done as soon as we are able…”

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