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Partisans Have Starkly Different Opinions About How the World Views the U.S.

Pew – North Korea, cyberattacks widely viewed as ‘major threats’ to U.S. “The public has long held the view that the United States is “less respected” by other countries than in the past. Majorities said this when Barack Obama was president, as well as when George W. Bush was in office. And today, 68% say the U.S. is less respected by other countries than it was in the past. However, there have been substantial changes in how both Republicans and Democrats view the relative level of global respect for the United States. Today, 42% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say the U.S. is less respected by other countries than in the past, the lowest percentage expressing this view in more than a decade. And a much greater share of Republicans (29%) say the U.S. is more respected internationally today than did so during Obama’s presidency or Bush’s second term. Even at various points when Obama was in office, majorities of Democrats viewed the U.S. as less respected internationally; 58% said this last year. But now, 87% of Democrats and Democratic leaners say the U.S. is less respected than in the past, with 70% saying this is a major problem…”

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