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New Zoom Mail and Calendar Give Workers a ‘Toggle Tax’ Break

Zoom Blog: “Today at Zoomtopia, we announced the next step in our platform evolution, the beta of new productivity tools: Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients and Zoom Mail and Calendar Services.  These new products work together with the communication and collaboration offerings already available within Zoom Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Team Chat. Now, teams can move quickly and seamlessly from email to a video meeting, elevate a chat message to a phone call, collaborate on projects, and early next year, they can share out whiteboards, all without ever leaving the Zoom app. The Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients (beta) will let any Zoom user — free or paid — access their existing email accounts from popular third-party email services directly in the Zoom desktop app. A recent Harvard Business Review study found that employees spend almost four hours a week reorienting themselves after toggling between applications. By giving users the ability to access their email alongside other modalities, Zoom reduces this “toggle tax” and enables users to better focus on their work. With Zoom Calendar, employees can easily create and join meetings in their existing calendar right from the Zoom sidebar…”

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