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National Geo on COVID-19, Home Schooling, Fake News, and Real Data – Bonus Tips on WFH

The National Geographic has a wealth of up-to-date resources that cover the global impact of COVID-19. Sections include: background and update in the virus in specific countries along with the impact on societies, that status of national parks (yes many are open but NatGeo provides reasons not to visit), graphics and data delivered with focused, direct information in small packages; photos resources from around the works, and an excellent topical area for families.

See also theSkimm – Tips for Working From Home Effectively – “Some major American companies (think: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon) are saying ‘yes’ to remote work for most of their employees. According to a Gallup survey, about 43% of US workers already work remote some or all of the time. That number’s changing this week so the virus doesn’t spread. Ok. I’m WFH. How do I stay productive?…”

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