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National Academy of Public Administration Panel White Paper On Strengthening Organizational Health and Performance in Government

“A panel of experts at the National Academy of Public Administration today released a new white paper, Strengthening Organizational Health and Performance in Government, which offers recommendations for a new management improvement approach that would strategically transform the federal government into an organization that learns from experience, constructively engages employees at all levels, and continually strives toward higher standards of excellence in achieving its many missions and policy objectives. “Today’s extensive report on how the federal government can smartly and strategically evolve using a new data-driven management approach will be a valuable resource for all government agency leaders,” said Terry Gerton, President and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration. “As the Administration thinks about how to shape its federal management agenda, these Academy Panel recommendations for organizational health are especially relevant.” “A good federal management framework has evolve d over the past two decades ,” said John M. Kamensky, Chairman of the Academy’s Standing Panel on Executive Organization and Management, “but we need to expand the existing framework by creating a new bottom-up demand to improve organizational health and performance that is tailored to the needs of different missions and units. We believe a strategic reorientation that makes front-line managers the focal point, and considers the health and capacity of their organizational units, will pay the greatest performance dividends and reduce future risks of operational failures.”

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