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Monthly High Tide Flooding Outlook

NOAA Tide and Currents: “About the Monthly Outlook – Above-normal tides can trigger high tide flooding, disrupting coastal communities. This flooding can occur on sunny days and in the absence of storms. More severe flooding may occur if high tides coincide with heavy rains, strong winds, or large waves. As sea levels continue to rise, our coastal communities will experience more frequent high tide flooding – about 45-85 days/year on average nationally by 2050. Predicting the likelihood of high tide flooding helps coastal communities plan for and mitigate impacts. The Monthly High Tide Flooding Outlook shows when and where above-normal high tides and high tide flooding may be experienced. This model does not account for real-time weather conditions. In the event of severe weather, coastal flooding may still occur outside of dates identified in this product. To monitor water levels in real-time and track storms, visit our Coastal Inundation Dashboard.”

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