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Legal counsel to Justice Alito responds to alleged ethical lapses

  • Steven Mazie – “I’ve been covering the Supreme Court for only about a decade but I don’t recall seeing a letter from the legal office or seeing a Justice effectively lawyer up in response to allegations. It’s remarkable Justice Alito saw the need to do so here.”
  • The New York Times – Supreme Court Defends Alito After Breach Allegation – “The court reiterated Justice Alito’s statement that neither he nor his wife disclosed a 2014 contraception ruling that a minister claims to have learned before it was public.”
  • Crooks and Liars: “Senior Dem lawmakers give Chief Justice Roberts an ultimatum on ethics issues, in wake of reports on alleged 2014 #SCOTUS leak & lobbying of justices. You probe or Congress will, @SenWhitehouse & @rephankjohnson declare in new letter
  • Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) November 21, 2022 “For some unknown reason, the New York Times buried this story in the Saturday edition. It’s about a former anti-abortion minister and activist saying SCOTUS activist Sam Alito leaked the Hobby Lobby contraception decision at a dinner with wealthy donors.”

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