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Learn how to find abortion pills, how to use them safely, and help us make this information common knowledge.

Shout Your Abortion: “The Good News – Mifepristone and Misoprostol—aka abortion pills—are safe, effective, and widely available online for about $100. In fact, you can now order pills to have on hand before you’re even pregnant. Abortion-by-mail can significantly reduce the harm done by anti-choice legislation, but only if people know that this option exists. Please be aware that acquiring and using pills may carry legal risk, especially for marginalized people. That said, we reject the authority of any governing body to determine whether or not we’re allowed to end our own pregnancies, and the widespread availability of abortion pills means that they’ll never be able to stop us. On 12/1, Shout Your Abortion is coordinating a massive nationwide effort to elevate information about abortion pills by taking to the streets, flooding social media, and distributing thousands of pillboxes that link to this site all over the country. This action is a promise to defy any court which rules against our freedom, and a call to education. Help us spread the word: no matter what SCOTUS decides, we can and will use #AbortionPillsForever…” Get free downloadable assets and more info about participating in this action here.

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