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“Labels Unwrapped” empowers consumers to make more informed food choices

“Today the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS) at Vermont Law School launched a newly-revamped website that “unwraps” the laws behind food labels. Available at, the site provides an accessible resource for the public to explore the facts behind the many claims, stamps, and certifications commonly found on packaging. “Food labels are meant to inform, protect, and empower consumers, but more often they are incredibly confusing,” said CAFS Director Laurie Beyranevand. “Walking through the aisles of a grocery store, shoppers are bombarded with information. From certifications to various types of health claims, ambiguous and sometimes deceptive language and imagery makes it difficult to really know what we’re purchasing and eating.” The website explains many of the common terms and claims found on labels through a series of interactive illustrated labels spanning different product categories: protein, dairy, grains, produce, fats and oils, sweets, and supplements. Users can hover over the various claims on each to learn more about common marketing terms like “gluten free,” “all natural,” “USDA organic,” “grass-fed,” and dozens more. Straightforward explanations outline what each claim means, as well as how (and if) it is regulated, and by whom. A “Labels 101” section provides a breakdown of the general law of food labels and frequently asked questions…”

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