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John Roberts Was Lobbying Kavanaugh to Save Roe. Then the Draft Opinion Leaked

Rolling Stone – A new report says the leak, which conservatives insist was the work of a rogue liberal, actually helped get Roe overturned: “Immediately after the draft Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was released, conservatives began bleating about how the leak was the work of a nefarious liberal clerk who wanted to put the opinion out to pressure the court’s conservatives to change their minds. It’s possible (repeat possible) that that’s what happened, but if so, publicizing the draft had precisely the opposite effect, according to a new report from CNN. Per the report, the leak of the draft Dobbs v. Jackson decision foiled Chief Justice John Roberts’ attempts to persuade Justice Brett Kavanaugh to act as Roes saving vote. Sources told CNN that Roberts continued to try and sway the junior justice even after the leak of the draft opinion, despite public and private pressure from conservatives for the court to solidify its decision. “Roberts’ overtures this spring, particularly to Kavanaugh, raised fears among conservatives and hope among liberals that the chief could change the outcome in the most closely watched case in decades.”…

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