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Inside the right’s effort to build a voter fraud hunting tool

NBC News: “Experts warn that EagleAI, a database that helps voters examine the voter rolls themselves, could drown election workers in unreliable reports of ineligible voters…For several months, activists around the country, organized in part by influential Trump ally Cleta Mitchell and the Election Integrity Network she founded, have been learning to use the program in Zoom trainings and organizing into state-specific teams in preparation for its launch, according to recordings of software demonstrations and activist meetings seen by NBC News. Some Georgia users began testing the software this summer, the meetings reveal, while Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and Texas are slated to follow. Mitchell declined to speak with NBC News. EagleAI, pronounced “eagle eye,” is being pitched as an alternative to the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a bipartisan, interstate partnership that helps states share data to keep their voter rolls up-to-date and was recently targeted by election conspiracy theories. And while EagleAI has been shopped around to at least a handful of county and state election officials, according to interviews and public records requests, it has so far found more fertile ground among activists. Election experts and voting rights advocates warn that an activist-led strategy risks overwhelming election workers with reports of problem registrations generated by amateurs using unreliable data. And those reports may, in turn, intimidate voters or require them to jump through hoops to maintain their voting rights…”

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