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Imagining a Better Online World: Exploring the Decentralized Web

Internet Archive Blogs: “The World Wide Web started with so much promise: to connect people across any distance, to allow anyone to become a publisher, and to democratize access to knowledge. However, today the Web seems to be failing us. It’s not private, secure, or unifying. The internet has, in large part, ended up centralizing access and power in the hands of a few dominant platforms. What if we could build something better—what some are calling Web 3.0 or the decentralized web? In this series of six workshops, we’ll explore the ways in which moving to decentralized technologies may enhance your privacy, empower you to control your own data, and resist censorship. Join us to hear from experts in the leading peer-to-peer technologies, from identity to data storage. We’ll see demonstrations of blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFT and decentralized storage projects in action. Learn how Web 3.0 might yet create systems that empower individuals by eliminating central points of control. This series is a partnership between Internet Archive, DWeb, Library Futures, and Metropolitan New York Library Council.”

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