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How We Reopen Safely Tracking states as they make progress towards gating criteria

COVID Exit Strategy – “We are a group of public health and crisis experts. With former experience working at the White House, Department of Health and Human Services, and on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. We are a non-partisan group, having worked across multiple administrations. We built this site to track each state’s progress towards the critical interventions needed to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our focus is the data available on the ground and how we can surface it in meaningful ways for state and local leaders to act on. This is a collaborative effort between individuals from a few organizations. We are always looking for feedback on how we can make this resource more useful. If you have suggestions, please send them our way…

Gating criteria are the data-driven conditions each region or state should satisfy before proceeding to a phased opening. For this site, we are using the gating criteria provided by the White House. In their Reopening America Again guidelines. The document does not specifically identify data sources or measures, so we had to translate what those meant. We’ve tracked each state’s progress towards its reduction in symptoms and cases, health system readiness, and increased test capacity. For each of the criteria we’ve sourced publicly available data that best represents where a state is at. Some sources are more “real-time” like case data, but others can lag a week like influenza-like illness (ILI) data. Using this data, we assign a “Red”, “Yellow”, “Green” score to each measure….” [Green is proving extraordinarily illusive]

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