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How to use the word Tremblor

Grammarist – Temblor, tremblor or trembler

  • A temblor is an earthquake or earth tremor. The word temblor first appears in 1876 and is an American word inspired by the Spanish word temblor, which means shake or tremble. The plural form may be either temblors or temblores.
  • A tremblor is also an earthquake or earth tremor. The word tremblor first appears in America in 1913, and seems to be a mashup of the words temblor and trembler. Many English-speakers do not consider tremblor a legitimate English word, but it is found in the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • A trembler is something or someone that trembles. In British English, a trembler is a fuse in an explosive device. Trembler may also be a slang term for an earthquake or earth tremor. [h/t Pete Weiss]


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