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How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone

PC Magazine: “After an initial rollout that left people anxiously refreshing Twitter feeds and state health websites for appointment slots, COVID-19 vaccinations are going into arms across the country, and there is ample opportunity in the US to get vaccinated. It’s a privilege that’s not available in many other places, and if you’ve taken advantage of it, you might have happily taken part of it and then set aside your white proof-of-vaccine card and tried to resume life with as much normalcy as possible. But the Delta variant is here, and it means that even the vaccinated have to mask up indoors and be more cautious than they were a month ago, for the sake of themselves and others. Because of that, people who are returning to work or doing things like dining out or seeing a show are increasingly required to present a proof of vaccination. There are no clear answers on whether or not you should laminate your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and with booster shots likely on the way, it’s probably best not to. The card itself is larger than a credit card or driver’s license, making it easy to damage in a wallet. Apps are usually the answer to dilemmas like this, but there aren’t that many universal ones, so we have a few options…”

See also the Washington Post – You’re going to be asked to prove your vaccination status. Here’s how to do it. Your smartphone can help you safely carry your coronavirus vaccination record, from a simple photo snap to a secure app. Just don’t call it a ‘vaccine passport.’

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