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How to build belonging at work (even if you’re not a manager)

FastCompany: “…Creating a workplace where people from varied backgrounds are thriving doesn’t end with the hiring process. Inclusive facilities such as all-gender restrooms and lactation rooms are a massive step forward, but work remains to be done. The final, crucial piece of the puzzle is fostering a sense of belonging across the entire company. Solving this problem is a nebulous, occasionally messy, oh-so-human endeavor, and at no point will you clap the dust off your hands and say, “Well. Glad that’s sorted.” The good news is that anyone can be part of the solution, no matter if you’re the CEO or the intern who started last week. Managers do play a special role in this endeavor. First, they set the tone for their teams, so it’s important that they model vulnerability and authenticity. Those are big concepts, but bringing them to life can be as simple as publicly owning mistakes or giving your team a heads-up that you’re struggling with something in your personal life right now and may not be as available as usual. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a downer. Being open about your dorky obsession with turn-of-the-century operettas counts too…”

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