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How to block ad tracking on your iPhone

The Verge – Keep your apps from uploading your data — mostly:  “…As we all know by now, data is a huge commodity these days. If you use a phone, laptop, or any type of computing device (unless you’re a security expert or a high-end hacker with access to sophisticated blocking tools), you’re paying for your apps by contributing marketing and other info to the companies that supply them. As Geoffrey Fowler’s article [It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to?] demonstrated, iPhone users are not immune to this. Since his article was published, Apple has made some laudable changes to its privacy policies. But it’s still a good idea to take charge of your own data. There are some simple ways to minimize the amount of tracking that app vendors can do and the amount of data they can access. Turn off personalized and location-based ads – According to Apple’s Advertising & Privacy page: Apple’s advertising platform does not track you, meaning that it does not link user or device data collected from our apps with user or device data collected from third parties for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes, and does not share user or device data with data brokers. However, the page goes on to say that contextual data, such as info about your device, its location, your App Store searches, and what you read on Apple News could be collected. You can get around this somewhat by turning off personalized and location-based ads…”

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