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Global EV Outlook 2021

IEA: “This outlook explores two pathways for road transport electrification in the pivotal decade to 2030. It assesses the projected uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) across transport modes and regions. Then, it explores the implications of electric mobility for charging infrastructure, battery demand, energy demand, GHG emissions and revenue from road transport fuel taxation. This outlook for electric mobility takes a scenario-based approach which build on the latest market data, policy drivers and technology perspectives: the Stated Policies and Sustainable Development scenarios. The Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS) is the baseline scenario of the IEA flagship reports the World Energy Outlook and Energy Technology Perspectives. This scenario reflects all existing policies, policy ambitions and targets that have been legislated for or announced by governments around the world. It includes current EV-related policies and regulations, as well as the expected effects of announced deployments and plans from industry stakeholders. STEPS aims to hold up a mirror to the plans of policy makers and illustrate their consequences…”

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