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#femfacts combatting media disinformation

News Mavens: “#FemFacts is a Newsmavens consortium project dedicated to tracking and debunking damaging misrepresentations of women in European news media.

  • Why – With the evolution of the media landscape brought about by the digital disruption, Europe has seen a concerning increase in content propagating misleading, false or manipulative information pertaining to women. Whether based on stereotypes about women’s inherent predetermination for the “domestic”, or riding a wave of anti-feminist backlash, this misinformational has an adverse effect on the equal rights and opportunities, health and safety of women in regions throughout Europe. #FemFacts will reveal, debunk, comment and research the sources of this trend. We will promote our findings and create social media campaigns to strengthen media literacy and awareness via Newsmavens editorial channels.
  • HOW – Newsmavens dedicated #FemFacts team will follow a strict methodology designed to grade the accuracy of fact-checked claims and identify the nature of the misconception being promoted..”

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