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Experts say the CDC’s Thanksgiving guidelines are too lenient

Fast Company: “American Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but Canada celebrated its Thanksgiving in early October. Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s calls to cancel in-person gatherings to curb the spread of the coronavirus, celebrations went on, and led to now-documented outbreaks. The experience of our northern neighbor, which has significantly lower COVID-19 cases, could serve as a warning for how Americans treat the event on November 26. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published its guidelines for a safe Thanksgiving, noting: “The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is to celebrate with people in your household.” But then it goes on to allow for less-appropriate behavior: “If you do plan to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, take steps to make your celebration safer.” Most of the rest of the document lists ways families can mitigate risks for in-person gatherings—limiting guests, cleaning surfaces frequently, bringing your own food and utensils to dinner, and using single-use salad dressing packets. But experts worry that these official guidelines are too lax in that they do not issue a sterner warning to cancel in-person Thanksgiving altogether…”

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