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Curtailing Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Operations Pathways to a 75% Cut by 2030

IEA: “A new international push is needed to bring down methane emissions from fossil fuel operations – particularly oil and gas – where leaks can often be prevented easily at little or no cost. Climate action cannot focus only on carbon dioxide. Governments and energy companies have major opportunities to reduce methane emissions, which provides the most impactful way to limit near-term climate change, the International Energy Agency said in a new report released today. Methane is responsible for around 30% of the global rise in temperatures to date. Rapid steps to tackle methane emissions from oil, gas and coal operations would have immediate impacts because of the potent effect of methane on global warming and the large scope for cost-effective actions, according to the report, Curtailing methane emissions from fossil fuel operations: Pathways to a 75% cut by 2030…”

See also the Methane Tracker Database – Interactive database of country and regional estimates for methane emissions and abatement options

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