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Citizen Satisfaction with US Federal Government Advances to 11-Year High

American Customer Satisfaction Survey (ACSI) – Federal Government Report 2017: “Citizen satisfaction with U.S. federal government services improves for a second year, increasing 2.5% to 69.7 on a 0 to 100 scale. This uptick follows a huge gain in 2016, which was the biggest one-year improvement for government in nearly 20 years of ACSI measurement. This year, the ACSI federal government satisfaction score reaches its best level since 2006, representing an 11-year high. Unlike last year, when improvements in federal e-government website services stood out as the driving force behind higher satisfaction, a more diverse array of attributes are prompting the current ACSI increase. The ACSI predictive model includes four primary drivers (or predictors) of citizen satisfaction with the federal government. These drivers are core generic aspects of most federal government services that influence citizen satisfaction. Among the four attributes, three improve to reach three-year highs in 2017. Only one driver—the courtesy and professionalism of customer service personnel—declines slightly (down 1% to 77). The timeliness and efficiency of government processes (such as completing required forms, applying for benefits, or receiving a response to an application) shows the largest gain (+3% to 72), but stays the lowest-scoring of the four attributes. The remaining two attributes—the clarity and accessibility of the information received from agencies and the quality of federal websites (measured by their ease and usefulness)—rise 1% each to 73 and 77, respectively. Taken together, the better performance for process, information, and website outweighs the slight drop in customer service and explains the growth in aggregate federal citizen satisfaction…”

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