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Sorry, But LinkedIn Is Cool Now

Bloomberg [read free link] – “The biggest social media platforms all have their niches. Twitter is for arguing with strangers. Instagram is for showing off the best of your 500 selfies. Facebook is for learning too much about an acquaintance from college. And LinkedIn is for updating the obligatory professional profile when you’re looking for… Continue Reading

Who knowingly shares false political information online?

Misinformation Review: Who knowingly shares false political information online? “Some people share misinformation accidentally, but others do so knowingly. To fully understand the spread of misinformation online, it is important to analyze those who purposely share it. Using a 2022 U.S. survey, we found that 14 percent of respondents reported knowingly sharing misinformation, and that… Continue Reading

Social media giants urged to tackle data-scraping privacy risks

Tech Crunch: “A joint statement signed by regulators at a dozen international privacy watchdogs, including the U.K.’s ICO, Canada’s OPC and Hong Kong’s OPCPD, has urged mainstream social media platforms to protect users’ public posts from scraping — warning they face a legal responsibility to do so in most markets. “In most jurisdictions, personal information… Continue Reading

The New Gatekeepers: How Disney, Amazon, and Netflix Will Take Over Media

Wrtiers Guild of America West: The New Gatekeepers: How Disney, Amazon, and Netflix Will Take Over Media. “Over the past decade, deregulation and the growing dominance of streaming video have laid the groundwork for a media landscape where just three companies—Disney, Amazon, and Netflix—are poised to be the new gatekeepers. This report from the WGAW… Continue Reading

The A.I. Surveillance Tool DHS Uses to Detect ‘Sentiment and Emotion’

404 Media: “Internal DHS and corporate documents detail the agency’s relationship with Fivecast, a company that promises to scan for “risk terms and phrases” online. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), part of the Department of Homeland Security, has bought millions of dollars worth of software from a company that uses artificial intelligence to detect “sentiment… Continue Reading

How to Lie with Infographics: A Case Study in Immigration Misinformation

Austin Kocher: “A new infographic posted on social media by Families of New York makes a series of false, incomplete, or just plain incomprehensible claims about asylum seekers. Let’s take a closer look at the growing problem of immigration misinformation, understand what this infographic gets wrong, and set the record straight. Sections in today’s article:… Continue Reading

Environmental users abandoned Twitter after Musk takeover

Trends in Ecology, Environmental users abandoned Twitter after Musk takeover. Published: August 15, 2023. DOI: – “In our sample of 380,000 environmentally oriented users, nearly 50% became inactive on Twitter after it was sold in October 2022, a rate much higher than a control sample. Given Twitter’s importance for public communication, our finding has… Continue Reading

Proposed Rule – Artificial Intelligence in Campaign Ads

Federal Election Commission – The Commission announces its receipt of a Petition for Rulemaking filed by Public Citizen. The Petition asks the Commission to amend its regulation on fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority to make clear that the related statutory prohibition applies to deliberately deceptive Artificial Intelligence campaign ads… The Petition asserts that generative Artificial… Continue Reading