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Electronic Detritus and You

American Bar Association: “Until recently, when you died, you died—the end. Today, people can “live” on after death in places like Facebook and Instagram, among others. Your online presence doesn’t disappear when you breathe your last. Email addresses survive. Think of all the spam you’ll accumulate postmortem! Additionally, you may have many electronic files with… Continue Reading

A Supreme Court speech showdown is coming, and nobody knows what to expect

The Verge: “The US Supreme Court is poised to consider a question with seismic consequences for online speech. Over the past year, laws in Texas and Florida have set up a legal battle over whether the First Amendment protects social networks’ right to curate user-generated content or whether these sites should be treated more like… Continue Reading

Trump on Trial – A Guide to the January 6 Hearings and the Question of Criminality

Brookings Governance Studies – Trump on Trial – A Guide to the January 6 Hearings and the Question of Criminality [104 pages] By Norman Eisen, Donald Ayer, Joshua Perry, Noah Bookbinder, and E. Danya Perr: “…The report goes beyond prior analyses to provide the first in-depth treatment of the voluminous publicly available facts and the… Continue Reading

It’s Time To Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

Gizmodo: “Make sure the information on your profiles is consistent and up to date. You might well spend a lot of time scrolling through social media feeds—but have you checked the state of your own profile pages lately? From Twitter to Slack, these profiles tell the rest of the world (or the office) about you,… Continue Reading

I tried to read all my app privacy policies. It was 1 million words.

Washington Post – “Let’s abolish reading privacy policies. Here’s how we can use the law and technology to give us real privacy choices. Twitter simplified its privacy policy earlier this month, encouraging us to read it by turning parts into a video game. Yes, a game — it’s called the Twitter Data Dash. In it,… Continue Reading

A Face Search Engine Anyone Can Use Is Alarmingly Accurate

The New York Times – “For $29.99 a month, a website called PimEyes offers a potentially dangerous superpower from the world of science fiction: the ability to search for a face, finding obscure photos that would otherwise have been as safe as the proverbial needle in the vast digital haystack of the internet. A search… Continue Reading

Abortion Surveillance After Roe

Surveillance Technology Oversight Project Report, May 24, 2022: “Abortion rights will soon be a thing of the past for millions of Americans. At the time of publication, a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion shows a majority of justices are poised to strike down Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and any federal constitutional right… Continue Reading

How to Stay Informed Without Getting Paralyzed by Bad News

Wired – “Every time we look at our phones, it seems something terrible has happened. Here’s how to monitor current events in a healthy way…Although technology can produce bad-news paralysis, online tools can also help you make productive contributions within your various roles. As an organization junkie who juggles four part-time jobs with college classes… Continue Reading

Research – older people using TikTok to defy ageist stereotypes

The Guardian: “Older TikTok users are using the online platform, regarded as the virtual playground of teenagers, to defy ageist stereotypes of elderly people as technophobic and frail. Research has found increasing numbers of accounts belonging to users aged 60 and older with millions of followers. Using the platform to showcase their energy and vibrancy,… Continue Reading

LinkedIn – new tools to discover & share insights & expertise, accessibility

5 Need to Know New Products (1) Searching for the best knowledge across LinkedIn – “Every minute incredible conversations are taking place on LinkedIn. Millions of professionals around the world come together to share & exchange ideas in pursuit of their professional goals & aspirations. From discussing macroeconomic trends to career conversations, experts and like-minded… Continue Reading