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4 RSS readers every Linux user should try

TechRepublic: “Standards like RSS are maybe the most underrated and underutilized feature of the modern web. RSS feeds are plain text files that every website publishes at a fixed address, with an explicit link or the common RSS icon. Those feeds are continuously rewritten with headlines, excerpts and links to the full versions of all the latest additions to that website. Then, using programs called RSS readers, or aggregators, you can automatically download and read as many RSS feeds you want, whenever you want, in one window. It’s hard to overstate how great this is, because:

  • RSS saves time. Lots of time. There is little more efficient than one single “entry point,” usable even offline, for all sorts of news, from major events to friends’ blog postings and … nothing else.
  • RSS feeds are unfiltered. No algorithms there. Unlike what happens inside social media, with RSS you are always sure to download all the news, and you’re always free to ignore or prioritize them as you wish. With RSS, the only filter is your own conscious selection of news sources, so choose responsibly!
  • RSS is not centrally monitored. All your data stays with you. Behavior tracking remains inside your own computer, if it happens at all.

Basically, the only thing wrong with RSS today may be that too many websites hide this option from their readers. Let’s see how to use this wonderful standard with my favorite RSS readers for Linux…”

RSS Feeds, PACER, and the Fight for Access to Federal Docket Information

Via LLRX – RSS Feeds, PACER, and the Fight for Access to Federal Docket Information – What is RSS and how do federal courts use it? Rebecca Fordon informs us that courts vary in the types of documents they provide via RSS feeds – only about 70% of bankruptcy courts and 50% of district courts provide… Continue Reading

How to create RSS Feeds from Twitter “Twitter is a great tool to stay up-to-date with everything that is happening: news, hobbies and interests, celebrities and influencers. However, some users prefer to consume and monitor this information via RSS feeds using RSS readers or custom integrations within their own apps. allows users to create RSS feeds from any public Twitter… Continue Reading

How Podcasts Learned to Speak The once useless-seeming medium that became essential.

Vulture: “There are now an estimated 660,000 podcasts in production (that’s a real number, not some comically inflated figure I invented to communicate “a lot”), offering up roughly 28 million individual episodes for your listening enjoyment (again, a real number; yes, someone counted). The first two seasons of the most popular podcast of all time, Serial,… Continue Reading

Using Websites as Tools

“As the internet has matured, the way we use websites has gradually shifted. In this episode of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss how they use websites and how RSS and social media are eliminating the use of destination sites. They share some of the websites they use, what they use them for, and the shift… Continue Reading

Many Facebook users don’t understand how the site’s news feed works

“A sizable majority of U.S. adults use Facebook and most of its users get news on the site. But a new Pew Research Center survey finds that notable shares of Facebook users ages 18 and older lack a clear understanding of how the site’s news feed operates, feel ordinary users have little control over what appears… Continue Reading

How Google News Compares to Twitter, Facebook, and RSS for Your News

Gizmodo: “There’s a new news aggregator in town (well, an old one, revamped). The updated, refreshed, and smarter version of Google News is out now on Android, iOS, and the web, so how does this reimagining of the news stack up against the other ways we usually get our headlines—Facebook, Twitter, and RSS? We’ve been… Continue Reading