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The Library of Congress owns 15 million photos. 400 are on view now.

Washington Post: “There are more than 15 million photographic images in the Library of Congress’s holdings, so the chance of encountering anything familiar in an exhibition of a mere 400 of them is statistically slight. But “Not an Ostrich: And Other Images from America’s Library” begins with the reassuringly familiar.The first section, titled “Icons,” displays… Continue Reading

A Whirlwind Architectural Tour of the New York Public Library–“Hidden Details” and All

Open Culture: “The New York Public Library opened in 1911, an age of magnificence in American city-building. Eighteen years before that, writes architect-historian Witold Rybczynski, “Chicago’s Columbian Exposition provided a real and well-publicized demonstration of how the unruly American downtown could be tamed though a partnership of classical architecture, urban landscaping, and heroic public art.”… Continue Reading

Libraries around the world are helping safeguard Ukrainian books and culture

Via LLRX – Libraries around the world are helping safeguard Ukrainian books and culture – Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Slavic Resources Coordinator, and Head, Petro Jacyk Resource Centre, University of Toronto Libraries, University of Toronto tells us about the critical work of 1,000 volunteers, in partnership with universities in Canada and the United States, who are participating in… Continue Reading

The UN Archives Geneva Platform

“The UN Library & Archives Geneva is the official repository of all documents produced or held by UN Geneva that have enduring historical and administrative values.Preserving and providing access to these primary sources is at the core of our mission. This why we are delighted to announce that the new UN Archives Geneva Platform is… Continue Reading

A Look Inside the Textbooks That Florida Rejected

The New York Times: “After the Florida Department of Education rejected dozens of math textbooks last week, the big question was, Why? The department said some of the books “contained prohibited topics” from social-emotional learning or critical race theory — but it has released only four specific textbook pages showing content to which it objects.… Continue Reading

Ebook Services Are Bringing Unhinged Conspiracy Books into Public Libraries

Vice: “For years, the digital media service Hoopla has given library patrons access to ebooks, movies, and audiobooks through bulk subscriptions sold to public libraries. But more recently, librarians have started calling for transparency into the company’s practices after realizing its digital ebook collection contains countless low-quality titles promoting far-right conspiracy theories, COVID disinformation, LGBTQ+… Continue Reading

This Pandemic Mapping Project Shows How Covid-19 Transformed Our Worlds

Scientific American – “Toward the end of 2020, I interviewed an archaeologist who—while locked out of her lab due to university health restrictions—was collecting photographs of Covid-19’s stamp on public spaces. Latex gloves and polypropylene masks, carelessly discarded in streets, parks, and gutters, featured prominently. She related a horrifying belief: Eventually, these non-decomposable medical accessories… Continue Reading

Legal Research and Its Discontents: A Bibliographic Essay on Critical Approaches to Legal Research

Mignanelli, Nicholas, Legal Research and Its Discontents: A Bibliographic Essay on Critical Approaches to Legal Research (January 13, 2022). 113 Law Library Journal 101 (2021), Available at SSRN: – “What is Critical Legal Research? What is “critical” about critical legal information literacy? What is a critical law librarian, and what must one do to be… Continue Reading

Book banning efforts are inspiring readers to form banned book clubs

CNN: “Book banning — or at least, book banning attempts — appears to be having a resurgence. The American Library Association recorded 729 challenges to library, school and university materials and services in 2021, the most since the organization began tracking those attempts in 2000. While that might seem low overall considering the approximately 99,000… Continue Reading

Librarians Can’t Be Neutral in the War on Information

Information Today / Dave Schumaker: “…Specialized librarians are an obvious example of librarians whose success depends on their not being neutral. Legal, medical, corporate, and other specialized librarians perform more in-depth research than librarians in other settings. They fulfill Ranganathan’s fourth law—“Save the time of the reader”—in a very direct way, by selecting, summarizing, and… Continue Reading