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ChemExpo Knowledgebase: A New Way to Explore Chemical Use Information

“There are tens of thousands of chemicals registered for use in commercial, industrial, and consumer products in the US. Under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), EPA is required to assess, manage, and evaluate the safety of existing chemicals, including their exposure potential. A wide variety of exposure-relevant data are necessary to support these chemical… Continue Reading

Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, August 26, 2023

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, August 26, 2023 – Privacy and cybersecurity issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, finance, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the… Continue Reading

NASA’s High-Resolution Air Quality Control Instrument Launches

“A NASA instrument to provide unprecedented resolution of monitoring major air pollutants – down to four square miles – lifted off on its way to geostationary orbit at 12:30 a.m. EDT Friday. The Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) instrument will improve life on Earth by revolutionizing the way scientists observe air quality from space.… Continue Reading

FDA Drug Shortages

Current and Resolved Drug Shortages and Discontinuations Reported to FDA Report a Drug Shortage | Contact Us | FAQ | Background Info | Get Email Alerts | Download Current Drug Shortages Search by Generic Name or Active Ingredient: Enter at least three characters A drug receives Resolved status when the Drug Shortages Staff (DSS) determines… Continue Reading

We Found 650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You

Via LLRX – We Found 650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You – If you spend any time online, you probably have some idea that the digital ad industry is constantly collecting data about you, including a lot of personal information, and sorting you into specialized categories so you’re more likely to buy the things they advertise… Continue Reading

It isn’t data that will unlock AI, it is human expertise

One Useful Thing: “The largest Large Language Models, like GPT-4, already have trained on tons of data. They “know” many things, which is why they beat Stanford Medical School students when evaluating new medical cases and Harvard students at essay writing, despite their tendency to hallucinate wrong answers. It may well be that more data… Continue Reading

Government’s own experts found ‘barbaric’ and ‘negligent’ conditions in ICE detention

NPR Investigative Report: “Immigrants await processing at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Adelanto, California. By filing a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, NPR obtained a trove of inspection reports detailing serious problems at this ICE facility and others across the United States. In Michigan, a man in the custody… Continue Reading

City maps show how much hotter it is from neighborhood to neighborhood

The Verge: “A new analysis ranks 44 major cities that altogether are home to a quarter of the country’s population. More than half of the population in these cities live in census tracks that can feel at least 8 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than surrounding areas, according to the analysis published yesterday by the nonprofit Climate… Continue Reading

AI Causes Real Harm. Let’s Focus on That over the End-of-Humanity Hype

Scientific American Opinion: Effective regulation of AI needs grounded science that investigates real harms, not glorified press releases about existential risk. Wrongful arrests, an expanding surveillance dragnet, defamation and deep-fake pornography are all actually existing dangers of so-called “artificial intelligence” tools currently on the market. That, and not the imagined potential to wipe out humanity,… Continue Reading