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How to know if breathwork is right for you

Mashable: “Breathwork tutorials are popular on social media, but experts say beginners should be cautious. Breathwork seems like one of those self-help techniques that you could easily learn on social media. After all, there are countless tutorials on YouTube and TikTok, along with numerous testimonials on Reddit. And anyway, could it really be that difficult… Continue Reading

Confidence in research: researchers in the spotlight

Elsevier: “The pandemic showed just how important quality research is for addressing global challenges and finding solutions that benefit people everywhere. It accelerated the practice of science and breakthrough, with data shared openly and fast as researchers collaborated across borders, sectors and disciplines. Whether a scientist, healthcare professional, policymaker, regulator or publisher, we were all… Continue Reading

Peptoc Hotline

“Peptoc Hotline features pre-recorded life advice and encouraging messages from the students at West Side Elementary, a K-6th public school in rural Healdsburg, California. Within a few days of going live in late February of 2022, the hotline went viral on social media, was covered by all major press and news stations, and received over… Continue Reading

National Climate Assessment

The National Climate Assessment summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. A team of more than 300 experts guided by a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee produced the report, which was extensively reviewed by the public and experts, including federal agencies and a panel of the National Academy… Continue Reading

Digital Security and Reproductive Rights: Lessons for Feminist Cyberlaw

Meister, Michela and Levy, Karen, Digital Security and Reproductive Rights: Lessons for Feminist Cyberlaw (October 31, 2022). Feminist Cyberlaw (Meg Leta Jones and Amanda Levendowski, eds.), University of California Press, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or – “Reproductive rights in the United States are under threat, and the threat is growing more serious by… Continue Reading

The Rising Tide of Global Sadnes

The New York Times: “…The researchers Charlotte Brand, Alberto Acerbi and Alex Mesoudi analyzed more than 150,000 pop songs released between 1965 and 2015. Over that time, the appearance of the word “love” in top-100 hits roughly halved. Meanwhile, the number of times such songs contained negative emotion words, like “hate” rose sharply. Pop music… Continue Reading

First-of-its-kind database tracks threats against public officials

Princeton Univeristy: “Threats to and harassment of local officials present a significant challenge to American democracy by discouraging civic engagement, undermining the work of public servants, and creating unprecedented stress on the cornerstones of democratic society including elections, education, and public safety processes. A heightened environment of fear among local officials seems ubiquitous, but the… Continue Reading

Committee Releases Report on Insurer and PBM Compliance with Affordable Care Act’s Birth Control Coverage Requirement

(Oct. 25, 2022)—”Today, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, released a staff report entitled, Barriers to Birth Control:  An Analysis of Contraceptive Coverage and Costs for Patients with Private Insurance.  The report presents findings from the Committee’s review of birth control coverage offered by five of the nation’s… Continue Reading

Americans Value U.S. Role as Scientific Leader, but 38% Say Country Is Losing Ground Globally

Report – Widening partisan divide over scientists’ place in policy debates – “Large majorities of Americans value government investments in the scientific enterprise and consider it important for the United States to be a world leader in scientific achievement. However, on the heels of a global coronavirus outbreak that put scientific research and understanding in… Continue Reading

Long COVID Appears to Have Led to a Surge of the Disabled in the Workplace

New York Fed, Liberty Street Economics: “Although most of those infected with COVID-19 have recovered relatively quickly, a substantial share has not, and remains symptomatic months or even years later, in what is commonly referred to as long COVID. Data on the incidence of long COVID is scarce, but recent Census Bureau data suggest that… Continue Reading

2022 Mathematics and Reading Report Cards at Grades 4 and 8

2022 Mathematics and Reading Report Cards at Grades 4 and 8 – Compared to 2019 (before the pandemic): Average scores declined in both subjects and grades. Average scores declined for most states in both subjects and grades. Students’ confidence in their mathematics and reading skills declined. Axios – “Wake-up call” education test results The New… Continue Reading

Working Dogs – Federal Agencies Need to Better Address Health and Welfare

Working Dogs: Federal Agencies Need to Better Address Health and Welfare – GAO-23-104489 Published: Oct 19, 2022. Publicly Released: Oct 19, 2022. “As of February 2022, about 5,100 working dogs served the federal government in 40 federally managed programs within eight departments and three independent agencies. In addition, approximately 400 working dogs served the federal… Continue Reading