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NSA report: This is how you should be securing your network

ZDNET: “The National Security Agency (NSA) has released a new report that gives all organizations the most current advice on how to protect their IT network infrastructures from cyberattacks.  NSA’s report ‘Cybersecurity Technical Report (CTR): Network Infrastructure Security Guidance‘ is available freely for all network admins and CIOs to bolster their networks from state-sponsored and… Continue Reading

How the Senate’s new cybersecurity legislation could affect your business

TechRepublic: “The Senate passed a piece of legislation on Tuesday, detailing new cybersecurity measures that would force businesses to report cyberattacks and ransomware payments. The Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act aims to continue the Biden administration’s effort to make both the public and private sectors better defended online. With the act passing through the Senate, it… Continue Reading

Secure your Microsoft account so it’s hard to get into

Popular Science: Keep your digital property safe. “If you’ve installed Windows 10 or 11, bought Microsoft Office, or set up an Outlook email address, chances are you have a Microsoft account. This hub ties together everything you do with Microsoft’s software, from Microsoft Edge to OneDrive. With so much important digital data inside this account,… Continue Reading

Archivists Make Sure the Internet Doesn’t Forget Russia’s War on Ukraine

Vice: “From news reports and social media posts to Ukraine University and government websites, archivists are in a mad dash to preserve the country’s online history. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine accelerates, professional and hobbyist archivists alike are rushing to preserve Ukraine’s online history, cataloging and storing everything from Ukrainian government and university websites, to… Continue Reading

The Online Security Reset Guide

Washington Post: Keeping you safe from scammers, hackers and digital threats…The Washington Post’s Help Desk has gathered the easiest and most effective tips for securing your identity, money and information online. Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere, but you can protect yourself from hacks, scams and theft with a few new habits. Call it our digital hygiene… Continue Reading

The end of passwords

MIT Technology Review: “Companies are finally shifting away from notoriously insecure alphanumerics to other methods of authentication…enterprise-oriented companies like Okta and Duo, as well as personal identity providers like Google, offer ways for people to log in to apps and services without having to enter a password. Apple’s facial recognition system has taken biometric login… Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Tools Lie Unused in Federal Agencies’ Toolbox

Lawfare: “Concerns over the possible Russian use of cyber weapons against U.S. domestic critical infrastructure in connection with the Ukraine crisis—warnings renewed on Feb. 11—should prompt reconsideration of the still-deferential posture of U.S. cybersecurity policy toward much of the private sector. Once again, though, complaints against “government mandates” may block action.For more than 30 years,… Continue Reading

The Dangers of Password Recycling and How to Mitigate the Risks

MakeUseOf: “As tempting as it sounds, re-using old passwords for multiple accounts can expose you to potential data breaches and cyberattacks. Creating complex and undecipherable passwords with a proper balance of alphanumeric characters can be a real struggle at times. Therefore, we are all guilty of recycling our old passwords. While password managers exist for… Continue Reading

83% of employees continue accessing old employer’s accounts

Help Net Security:  “In a recent study, Beyond Identity gathered responses from former employees across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland and found 83% of employees admitted to maintaining continued access to accounts from a previous employer. The cybersecurity threat this poses is coupled with the fact that 56% of these employees said… Continue Reading