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Biden’s New Open Government Plan Lays Out a Progressive Regulatory Reform Agenda

Center for Progressive Reform: “In case you missed it, the Biden administration capped off 2022 with the release of a new “open government” plan that aims to improve access to federal data and information, better engage the public in the regulatory process, and streamline delivery of government services and benefits. While the 21-page document — the fifth installment of the U.S. Open Government National Action Plan — doesn’t unveil any new policy proposals, it is a useful compendium of actions the administration has taken or is planning to take to make the executive branch more accessible to and inclusive of the public. Importantly, many of these actions are consistent with the progressive regulatory reforms that my colleagues at the Center and I have long been calling for. The plan is built around five themes: (1) Improve Access to Government Data, Research, and Information; (2) Increase Civic Space to Engage the Public; (3) Transform Government Service Delivery; (4) Counter Corruption and Ensure Government Integrity and Accountability to the Public; and (5) Ensure Equal Justice Under the Law. Of those, the first, second, and fourth are most relevant to progressive regulatory reform.

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