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BeSpacific – ABA Best 100 Law Blogs 2017 and Expert Witness Best Legal Tech Blog 2017

I am starting this post with a deeply appreciative and respectful Thank You to Robert Ambrogi who has logged 15 years and counting of blogging at his legendary Law Sites. Bob’s unflagging support has been a touchstone for me as I too completed 15 years of blogging here at my site, BeSpacific. In a welcome follow-up to 2016, BeSpacific is again included in the American Bar Association (ABA) Web 100: Best law blogs for 2017. In addition, BeSpacific received more than 600 votes to place a very respectable Third in the 2017 Best Legal Tech Blog category via The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog contest – the “annual competition that showcases the very best that the legal blogging world has to offer.” Thank you to all who voted. Reminder, please vote again in 2018!

I am a full time Knowledge Manager, Law/Financial/Congressional/Regulatory/Research Services Librarian and Senior News Analyst in my “day job,” and after walking the collies at night, I focus on BeSpacific every evening. From among more than several hundred sources I read regularly, I identify some twenty or thirty that I determine merit inclusion in my database of 45,000 postings (and growing), as they pertain to research, knowledge management, and expert subject matter sources on topics that include: law, technology, high profile government documents and legislation, civil liberties, legal research, cybersecurity, privacy, climate change and environmental law. The sources I do not include on BeSpacific I post on my LLRX twitter feed [with over 14,500 postings – please feel free to subscribe] and via emails that my friends and colleagues thankfully indulge me by reading. Kudos and thanks to all of these folks as well. As I remind myself daily, it is crucial to “be specific” in this work – to identify, locate, review and deliver to my readers the primary documents, reliable commentary and analysis, and actionable resources that will continuously assist them in their work. I created BeSpacific in no small measure so that I could provide a searchable, content rich, accurate and reliable database to communities of best practice that would always be available, up-to-date, and of tangible value. BeSpacific leverages an expert taxonomy and metadata tagging to facilitate subject matter search and knowledge discovery in the site’s database. And last but never least, BeSpacific is supported by a superlative developer and host server – who keep both BeSpacific and LLRX secure and consistently accessible. In closing, I am stepping off my tiny soap box with gratitude – and always maintaining hope for the future. Please keep reading, stay in touch – and too all – Peace.

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