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AreaHub website shows local environmental dangers

Cornell Chronicle: “A new database allows users to search any U.S. ZIP code, city name or even an address to learn about extreme weather concerns like hurricane or wildfire exposure, and nearby environmental industrial hazards such as Superfund sites, neighborhood brownfields or problematic nuclear reactors. Pick a place: Type in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for example, to learn that the nuclear reactor Three Mile Island 2 on the Susquehanna River was operational for fewer than 90 days before it shuttered March 28, 1979 after a major accident. It also shows that the island is less than 12 miles from the Pennsylvania capital. aggregates and pulls together regularly updated, available data about natural and human-made hazards. It was co-founded by the late William Pence, Ph.D. ’89, to help consumers, researchers and businesses make informed choices about risk. Before his death in 2020, Pence had served as the chief operating officer of WebMD and chief technical officer at AOL, and he chaired Cornell’s College of Engineering Advisory Board…”

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