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Archivists Are Uploading Hundreds of Random VHS Tapes to the Internet

Vice – “An organization called Vista Group recently uploaded dozens of VHS and cassette tapes from the 90s and early 2000s to the Internet Archive, and the content within is worth a retro-nostalgia trip back to a simpler, weirder, more wavy time. Vista Group uploaded nearly 200 in the last two months, most of which were uploaded on January 5—a rate noticeably higher than their usual 50-70 per month. They’re being added to the VHS Vault, an Internet Archive collection of more than 17,500 VHS scans. Most of the videos are instructional or documentary films, like workout or yoga videos or tutorials on installing vinyl flooring or training a dog. There are also a few audio only cassettes in this most recent batch, like “Is It Worth Dying For?,” based on Dr. Robert S. Eliot’s breakthrough book on stress management…”

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