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Amber is a tool for blogs & websites to keep linked content accessible

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society wants to keep linked content accessible. Whether links fail because of DDoS attacks, censorship, or just plain old link rot, reliably accessing linked content is a problem for Internet users everywhere. This isn’t a new problem.  Some centralized initiatives, such as the Internet Archive and, are attempting to snapshot and preserve certain web pages…
Amber is an open source tool for websites to provide their visitors persistent routes to information. It automatically preserves a snapshot of every page linked to on a website, giving visitors a fallback option if links become inaccessible. If one of the pages linked to on this website were to ever go down, Amber can provide visitors with access to an alternate version. This safeguards the promise of the URL: that information placed online can remain there, even amidst network or endpoint disruptions.

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